Ladina Yoga Mat Spray Calm - Radical Living
Ladina Yoga Mat Spray Calm - Radical Living
Ladina Yoga Mat Spray Calm - Radical Living

Ladina Yoga Mat Spray Calm

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Ladina Yoga Mat Spray Calm.

Find your balance with Ladina Yoga Mat Spray Calm! Our unique blend of natural essential oils from Madagascar will calm your mind and spirit, while Ylang Ylang oil (famously soothing and anti-inflammatory) adds a touch of legendary relaxation. Simply spritz on your mat and around you to set the perfect zen ambiance.

From the maker: Our mission is to promote local African skills and Malagasy fair trade through the fabrication, and distribution of handmade sustainable and aesthetic yoga accessories. We have crafted a range of yoga products that are simple, significant, and sustainable. Therefore, purchasing our products not only contributes to the quality of life of our artists but also ensures these unique skills are not lost and will continue for the next generations.

Featured in Om Yoga Magazine (Yoga Mats Special Report)

Ingredients: water, witch hazel, and a blend of 100% essential oils. 

Directions: Shake well before using. Spray on your mat and around you to get in the zone. Wipe down and allow to dry. Avoid using on PU mats.

The sustainable bonus: this bottle is made of glass and bamboo, recyclable and easy to re-use!

Made in London.

We only used the most natural and cruelty-free ingredients to ensure you get a product that meets your ethical standards.

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