VerdeKin Wild Rosehip Seed Exfoliator 15g
VerdeKin Wild Rosehip Seed Exfoliator 15g

VerdeKin Wild Rosehip Seed Exfoliator 15g

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VerdeKin Wild Rosehip Seed Exfoliator 15g

This wild Rosehip seed powder is the ultimate natural scrub-mate to pair with any of VerdeKin's balm cleansers! 

From the Maker: Why is it so amazing? Rosehip seeds are packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making them the perfect exfoliating granules. Not only do the antioxidants help protect the skin from cellular damage, they also offer anti-inflammatory properties so that your skin is soothed whilst scrubbing away those dead cells.

The high levels of vitamin C are thought to help collagen production in the skin. What is there not to LOVE?

Product Information: 

It's delicate enough to not provoke or disrupt your skin's foundation, but has enough oomph to carefully take off the dulling dead skin cells. Plus, this product also packs a hefty punch of nourishment necessary for your skin to shine how it was meant to!

Directions for use:  Add a small pinch to any balm cleanser.  Massage gently into the skin, allowing the soft grains to slough away dead skin cells. Rinse away with a warm face cloth.

What we love: Gather round and prepare to be impressed, 'cos this Rosehip seed powder is a real show-stopper! Just 100% pure-pressed Rosehip seeds sourced from a lovingly-run family business in Hungary, where these seeds are a delightful bonus from oil production.

Ingredients:  100% Rosehip seed powder. Rosehip seed powder is ground from pure Rosehip seeds in a family farm in Hungary.


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