VerdeKin Organic Cotton & Bamboo Face Muslin - Radical Giving
VerdeKin Organic Cotton & Bamboo Face Muslin - Radical Giving

VerdeKin Organic Cotton & Bamboo Face Muslin

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VerdeKin Organic Cotton & Bamboo Face Muslin 

VerdeKin presents planet-friendly, lavish softness with their bamboo face muslin cloths, an eco-hot pick over throwaway face wipes!

From the Maker: It has taken us a really long time to find a cloth that fulfills our ethical and ecological critieria as well as being the perfect texture to use with our cleansers, but our search is finally over and we are super excited to bring you our Organic cotton and bamboo face muslins woven by hand in Kerala and sewn into squares by the wonderful Gramodaya Women's co-operative.

Product Information:  Many (cheap) muslin cloths you will find on the market will not be made with organic cotton and consume an enormous amount of water in their manufacturing.  Not only that, it can be extremely hard to find out exactly where they are made and under what conditions.  We hope that you enjoy knowing that you are contributing to 'slower' fabric production as well as supporting a family business and empowering a co-operative while you are at it.

What we love:  These muslin clothes are the best for washing your face whilst gently soothing the skin! 

Directions for use: 

Dampen the cloth with warm or cool water and use to gently remove any of our cleansers.

  • If you have dry skin or sensitive skin, try using really cold water to remove your cleanser.
  • If you wish to open the pores and remove dirt from deep within, you can use the coth warm or hot.

Rinse the cloth after use and allow to dry before its next use.  Wash every two to three uses on a cotton wash.

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